What are we about

Considerate building? A simple concept but a compelling one if you’ve ever been let down by a building company in the past. It means we think about jobs from your point of view and not just ours. We don’t quote low just to get the job and then find a way to add extra costs along the way.

We like to arrive early so we’re not late when the traffic is bad. (Although we’ll never walk through your front door until we’ve said we will.) We minimise disruption so you can usually choose to remain living on site while the work is being carried out. We answer our mobiles, or call you straight back if you have to leave a message. And, on the subject of good communication, we’re big fans of regular meetings on site to help avoid costly misunderstandings.

In short, we know that how the job is conducted is every bit as important as the end result. And we appreciate that our best marketing tool will always be a satisfied customer. And an impressed architect.

As mission statements go, all this might not sound particularly grand. But that’s because we believe it’s often the smallest things that can make the biggest difference.